Friday, September 23, 2011

How long does an oil change take?

I've never taken my car to get the oil changed, my dad usually does it and I have no idea how long it takes...How long does an oil change take?If you go to a fast place, as little as 10 minutes.How long does an oil change take?10-20 minsHow long does an oil change take?If you go to a quick change place 15 - 20 min but dont let them talk you into doing more, lots of time that is how they make more money for themselves and take advantage of you if you dont know much about carsHow long does an oil change take?Personally, I'd rather have it done at the car dealer where it might take longer and cost more. First, you'll get factory trained shop technicians using original equipment filters and fluids who are familiar with your model car. There can be a big difference in oil filter design and quality, and you don't want to take a chance damaging a $5,000 engine. Also, what if the %26quot;quickie lube shop%26quot; cross threads your oil drain plug and you end up losing all your oil on the highway and burning up your engine? You've got a much better chance of mistakes being corrected responsibly at your car dealer than at a quickie lube chain. The chain store will try to sell you lots of things you don't need in some cases because that's the way their business is set up to operate. An oil change may seem like a simple no risk maintenance item, but auto mechanics can easily do major damage to your car. Who do you really trust to maintain and repair that $25,000 car you just purchased?How long does an oil change take?depeding upon the place...

Places that just change the oil nothing less 5 min-10 min.

Most quick lube/dealers are closer to 20-30 min. maybe more depending upon how many are a head of you but when you arrive, the longer time is because they do all the inspections,vac the car etc.they should give an idea of how long to do it.

But personally never had anyone change my oil in 17 years of driving... But changing others oil.. that's about the time neededHow long does an oil change take?Not very long. Like 20 - 30 minutes, not even.How long does an oil change take?Once they take your car in, should be no more than half an hour.How long does an oil change take?it all depends on the place where you go to. i had to wait like 2 hours because they have like 5 cars before me. but if you are the only one it doesnt even take 20 minutes.How long does an oil change take?I can change my oil and filter in 20 minutes including checking all the fluids under the hood, putting it on stands and taking it off.How long does an oil change take?depends on the size of your engine, how many people are in front of you, and if the place doing it is quick or not, I would schedule at least an hour, that way you should be in and out with out running late.How long does an oil change take?I always go to the fast lube..takes about 10 mins there if there's no one in line. maybe 20 mins at most.How long does an oil change take?Don't ever trust any dealership, or any quick lube place. I've seen over filled, under filled, wrong oil put in into engines, stripped oil pans, you name it. Nissan dealership drained my uncle's car's transmission fluid instead of oil and then tried to drive the car outside. You can imagine what happened. Idiots. I change my car oil myself and it takes me about 20 min, but I like to get as much as possible out, so I wait a bit longer if I got nowhere to go. If you absolutely have to go somewhere else check oil level yourself after they're done. And yeah depending on lines it'll probably take like 30 min., maybe less. They're in no hurry.How long does an oil change take?Just do it yourself. It'll take the same amount of time, but save you a lot of money in the long run.How long does an oil change take?Very little time at all, usually less than 30 minutes. It usually depends on how much the mechanic checks over. Like topping off all your fluids as well.How long does an oil change take?Depending on if you have to wait in line or not, it should take about 20-30 minutes.

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